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Treatments for Hip Arthritis Leg Pain

by Maria

Most people experience hip arthritis leg pain in the inguinal region or groin area of the lower extremity. You must learn that affectation of the hip joint is not manifested in the buttocks just like what others know. The pain in the hip joint may radiate to the thigh up to the knee joint which is known as the referred pain. The following are vital information you should know about hip arthritis leg pain.

Causes of Hip Arthritis Leg Pain

Aside from the knee and foot regions, weight is also born on the hip joint, thus, it is also at risk for developing osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. In addition to arthritis, inflammation of the bursa or bursitis, inguinal hernia and spinal nerve impingement could as well cause pain in the hip up to the leg part of the lower extremity.

Treatment for Hip Arthritis Leg pain

If the hip arthritis leg pain is caused by osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, conservative treatments like taking drugs for pain relief and application of superficial and deep heating modalities for pain management is given. Heating a painful body part, specifically non-inflamed tissues, will essentially increase the size of the passageway of blood circulating in that body part which is called vasodilatation. This mechanism of heat application will flush away pain metabolites that result to decrease or elimination of pain. Other preventive measures will also be prescribed to patients with hip arthritis leg pain. These include strengthening and stretching of tight structures to maintain a good condition of the structures surrounding the hip joint. In severe cases, where the daily activities of the patient are already affected because of the intolerable pain, total hip arthroplasty will be recommended.

There are indeed many causes of hip pain, which should be distinguished from one another. Proper diagnosis is imperative to identify the exact and appropriate treatment for you. Do not self-diagnose, you have to seek advice from a doctor. Hip arthritis leg pain, in its severe form, is hard to deal with because it involves surgery; that is why as early as now, you need to take good care of your joints or it might be too late.

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